This application provides support for people using BibTeX, who needs a utility to pass to MlBibTeX (Multi Lingual BibTeX)
BibTeX2MlBibTeX is an application written in Ruby that allows people using the BibTeX standard to pass to MlBibTeX, the new “de facto” standard for the classical BibTeX user.
This project has started during my studies and is still in development with the help and support of the creator of MlBibTeX, Mr.J.M.Hufflen.
Here you can download a first alpha-version of this application which actually needs the installation of the Qt (version 3) libraries to run in a GUI, even implementing a .rb script, truly cross-platform.
Download BibTeX2MlBibTeX Alpha
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 and Qt, QtRuby libraries
A detailed report for this project is available here.